Once your website is online, the next step is to make it easily locatable by your potential customers.

To achieve this there are two possible paths: the natural positioning (SEO) or sponsored links (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The fastest option and 100% effective to make your web site easily locatable by your potential customers is entering a sponsored links program.

This option involves payed program chosen by you (eg Google Adwords or Facebook Ads) a variable amount according to the clicks received exposure or who have obtained your ads. The great advantage of this way is that the results are really immediate: if you like your search to appear on the top of Google almost immediately, this is the option to choose.

At IBC Web Solutions, we offer the service of Adwords account management service (Google SEM program, showing your ads on the side, on top of search or Display Network) for a fixed monthly cost. We handle, among other things, to plan notices in accordance with the guidelines of publication existing in the program, analyze the behavior of your competitors to maximize your profit, set up the account to achieve reduce the technical impact of clicks from people who do not respond the profile of potential customers, monitor the flow of visitors, restrict campaigns by geography, language and / or age group (depending on the season).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a fruitful way of results but slower. At IBC Web Solutions, we manage to significantly improve your site position in the organic results of Google, Yahoo and Bing searches for words and phrases you indicate us. So your site will receive quality visitors, who find on your website what they are really looking for in Google, Yahoo or Bing. To achieve this, among other things, we analyze your website, its codes, keywords, the category to which it belongs your company or project, we also analyze competition results, keywords chosen to develop our personalized work  for Web positioning seekers.

Community Management

The social networking presence is increasingly important for any project today, not only because it favors search engine optimization but also because mantains a fluid communication with potential users,  customers, readers or the general public.

At IBC Web Solutions, we have a group of specialized editors that can generate relevant and quality content that will boost the image and presence of your business in the different social networks. We also offer monthly subscriptions for account management network which will ensure flow of content and speed of response to the concerns and comments of the users.